Living Foods! Olive Pâté and Crudités

Healing Cooking combines the use of alkaline foods that are consumed raw or in their natural state, because in this state is when we adequately absorb all the enzymes necessary for the proper functioning of our body, as well as all the nutrients that Nature offers us.
Anita D’Ambrosio, Holistic Health Coach

In this article I’m going to prepare Olive Pâté recipe (or Tapenade) with the Mortar, which will be accompanied by a dish of Crudités.

For the Crudités I’m using vegetables from the 5 main groups of Nature’s colors, that is to say, red, green, white (brown is included in this group), purple (blue is included in this group) and orange (yellow is included in this group).

In this recipe I’m also using vegetables that aren’t normally used in this type of dishes, with the intention of venturing and risking, in order to leave our comfort zone when it comes to food and to taste foods that we already know (or not!) in their raw state.


Raw foods are living foods, and when we eat living foods, we bring energy and vitality to our body.
Anita D’Ambrosio, Holistic Health Coach

Raw foods are still rich in enzymes, which is the reason why they’re called living foods, and they keep all the typical properties of each group:

1. Red Foods: cardiovascular health;

2. Green Foods: they purify blood, cleanse the body, promote gut health. Rich in iron (ideal for those who suffer from anemia) and calcium;

3. White/Brown Foods: they strengthen our immune system, helping us fight bad bacteria and viruses;

4. Purple/Blue Foods: they contribute to our longevity, delaying cells aging process,

5. Orange/Yellow foods: they protect our skin, our eyesight and mucous membranes.


The color of these foods is due to the presence of phytonutrients, or nutrients that are able to prevent and heal diseases, as they act as antioxidants fighting free radicals and as immune system boosters.

For the Crudités recipe, I’m using: Fennel, Squash, Celery, Radicchio and Cherry Tomatoes.


Olive Pâté, as a sauce to accompany the Crudités, is prepared with:

• Mortar: Mortar is a tool that allows us to conserve color, enhance the smell and taste of food, since with food processors what happens is that the molecules, when are processed, lose their original characteristics and qualities.

• Alkaline ingredients (olives, thyme and lemon): Foods that help re-establish the balance of our pH in the body, reducing the level of acidity.




150g of Olives without pit

Juice of 1 lemon


Optional: Garlic



1. Add all the ingredients in a marble mortar and grind them;

2. Place the pâté in a small bowl or in the middle of a plate to use together with the raw vegetables,

3. Separately, peel and cut all the vegetables and place on the plate to decorate.



You will love the simplicity of this recipe! A recipe in its purest state made from raw ingredients, living foods!

Try this delicious recipe and surprise your friends with vegetables that are not normally used in this type of dishes!

I am waiting for your feedback and the results of your recipes! 🙂

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