How to Overcome Less-Zen Moments

Why talking about “Not-always-zen” moments?

Patricia, author of Nem Sempre Zen blog, where she writes very interesting articles on personal development, spirituality and thoughts about life, launched a challenge to write an article for her website about “How to overcome not-always-zen moments”, and I couldn’t accept the challenge 😉 … And here we are!

The most difficult moments of my life have always been indisputably moments of great transformation and change for the better. — Anita D’Ambrosio, Health Coach Holística

It took me a long time to realize that I didn’t have to resist these moments, but to let things flow. I’m a fighter by character and throughout my life I’ve always had to fight against unfavorable situations. Survival instinct, isn’t it? 🙂

But there are circumstances where the only option is Acceptance, in which fighting will only give us many headaches and other physical discomforts, and who suffers is only you, because the situation won’t change. Obviously it’s not easy to internalize it, it’s a process that takes time, each one has its own rhythm, but once you realize that you have to accept this difficult situation and let yourself go, you overcome the obstacle and you get out of it as a reborn, stronger person.

How did I manage to Accept the difficult situations and surrender to them?
Nature is my guide. Human life is a metaphor, a small representation of Nature.
— Anita D’Ambrosio, Holistic Health Coach

Think: Nature is the balance born from the destructive force and healing force. There’s no sun and therefore light, without the moon that shows up with darkness. There’s no calm sea without a rough sea. There’s no Spring with its Rebirth if there are no Autumn and Winter beforehand.

All this means that you can’t be Happy if you don’t go through difficult, sad and suffering moments. These moments are part of a necessary balance for Life and you don’t have to see them as enemies, since they’re powerful moments of emotional and spiritual growth. With them we get closer and closer to the meaning of Life, our Mission, what we want, and what really matters.

In these hard periods, what helped me a lot was the contact with Nature:

  • Putting hands or barefoot on the Ground and focus on the feeling of protection, security it gives us. Earth is present and exists to hold us every day;
  • Walking in a park and observe the Trees, their strength. They go through many storms and always remain, have you noticed it? They give us oxygen to breathe, fruits to eat …
  • Observing sea, river, channel Water… Water flows, it cleans what is not needed, it cleans what was present before and gives space to what comes next. It never stops flowing, it never resists and thanks to it life is possible
  • Watching the Sky, both with clouds and the sun … it’s something immense, bigger than us, it connects us with something superior and, for this reason, it makes us feel as our problems, by comparison, are so small, making us see what is really important, giving importance to the little things in life.

These are small examples of how Nature helps me and can help you in the most difficult moments. Focus on each element of Nature, observe it carefully and see the importance they have in your life. These elements of Nature are the reason why life is possible and we should express gratitude for this gift.

Realizing that Nature is something immense and that our problems compared to the gift of life are something so small, it’s the key to overcome the difficult moments in our lives. 🙂

I hope these tips are as valuable in hard times as they are for me!

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