Ayurveda is a health system originated in India which dates back to 5.000 years ago.
To let you know a little bit more about this subject, I’m going to link it to the Theory of the Five Elements, which is one of the basis of this medicine.

The Theory of the Five Elements (or Panchamahabhutas) relies on: Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.
The Rishis were the scholars who, in their observations, found these elements in Nature (Universe = Macrocosm) and in Human beings (Microcosm). They began to notice the existence of patterns in behaviors, emotions, and physical characteristics. They found that these elements manifest themselves in Human beings through, for example, anger (fire), stability (earth), nervousness (air). The elements also manifest themselves in the five senses: Ether – Hearing; Air – Touch; Fire – Vision; Water – Taste; Earth – Smell.


When they saw that the elements manifested themselves in people, they created a system of simplification of the physical and mental processes related to these elements, which is what allows the therapist to apply a tailor-made treatment to each person.
This is how the 3 Doshas appeared: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
These are the manifestation of the elements in the body. There are people who show more some elements than others, which determines his/her own dosha (biotype).

— Joana Silva, Nurse, Therapist, Blogger, Terapias D’Alma


It is by determining the current dosha that the therapist detects the patient’s needs. He/she looks for the element out of balance, so that he/she can focus on it and restore balance (for Ayurveda, health corresponds to the balance of doshas). If there’s no imbalance, the therapist will focus on the doshas, in order to maintain the existing harmony. We all have the characteristics of the three doshas, but there is/are always one/some that stands/stand out


Ayurveda is a Holistic Medicine, and therefore, it looks at the individual as a whole. When looking for balance, it will focus on the physical body, but also on all the other aspects of human being. For this reason, certain specific therapies are performed, but there are also changes in eating habits and lifestyle, for example.

— Joana Silva, Nurse, Therapist, Blogger, Terapias D’Alma

It is an Integrative Medicine, and can be used in conjunction with aromatherapy and chromotherapy, among others, with simple suggestions such as daily use of a garment or accessory with a color adapted to the person’s dosha, and towels of the same color during an Ayurvedic massage.

In the next article I’ll examine in depth each dosha and give some examples of what can be done to promote your balance.

If you have any questions, I’m here to answer you.

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