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A little bit of my history…

Hello, my name is Anita D’Ambrosio, born to an Italian Father and a Portuguese Mother, and I am a Holistic Health Coach.

My passion for nutrition started as long as I can remember. I grew up surrounded by the combinations of flavors and smells of the most elaborate dishes made by my Father, cook by profession, and the more traditional and homemade dishes prepared by my Mother and Grandmothers. All of them, through their so different and characteristic way of cooking, awoke in me the pleasure for food, because, yes, the act of eating is an act of pleasure, an experience of pure consciousness through all the senses, which, in addition to being a way of nourishing the body, is also a way of nourishing mind and soul.

Despite my passion for nutrition, my relationship with food wasn’t always healthy. There was a period in my life that I went through a crisis about my relationship with food which was the origin of my great transformation during adolescence. In this phase of imbalance, my emotional hunger had the control on me which led me to eat in an uncontrolled way, mainly processed, fried and sugar-filled foods. It was in that moment that I realized and became aware of how the emotional dimension was closely linked to the way we feed ourselves and to our digestive organs, since our second “brain” lies in our stomach and intestines.

During this period of crisis, my way of alleviating everything I had accumulated in terms of anxiety, anger, insecurity and fear, was eating. But, as with all kinds of imbalances, there comes a time when the body starts to send warning messages and only you can decide if you want to listen to them or avoid them. I decided to listen to my body and take action, starting work on my emotional side, self-esteem and self-confidence, which was what had been harming my relationship with food, my well-being and happiness.

During my transformation and healing process, I stopped eating processed foods with refined sugars and fried foods, and I limited the consumption of meat, eggs and cheese to the extreme. My intake of legumes was also limited because my digestive system was so damaged that it needed to heal, but not a cure through medication, but through self-love and natural, basic, simple and nutritious food. In that period, which lasted about a year, I learnt more than ever to value the healing power of vegetables, fruits and plants.

With my improved “self”, I have been embracing a relationship of love with food, a relationship based on listening to my body and its needs, because the body is wise and asks for what it needs to work with balance. Apart from food, I also started a huge change in my lifestyle, in the relationships with others, Nature and animals, and I went vegetarian. This change to a more conscious person, connected with the natural world, resulted in an improvement in my energy, mood and attitude towards life.

All this transformation I have undergone, which has resulted in a healthier and happier life, awoke in me the need to increase my knowledge of natural therapies and help others who are experiencing situations similar to those I experienced. This awakening of consciousness and the will to help others, culminated in my training Health Coach Certificate Training Program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (New York), which gave me the knowledge to do just that, helping others heal themselves through Nature!

As a Holistic Health Coach, my mission is to educate, guide and support anyone who wants to begin this journey of personal growth or body, mind and soul “healing”, through the contact with Nature and their Nature.

Are you ready? I’ll be waiting for you!

I will help you find your inner harmony, through the consciousness of your Self as a whole and the use of Nature as a form of re-connection and cure.

IIN Certificate (Institute for Integrative Nutrition - New York)

Anita D'Ambrosio - Certificado IIN

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