6-Month Program

6-Month Program

In the 6-month personal health coaching program, you will gradually learn to make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness with support and responsibility.

In this program are taken into consideration all the elements for a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, physical activity, well-being and spirituality, and together, we will explore your concerns, set goals and find the solutions you need for a balanced and happy life .

Step 1

Fill in the online form of your health history

Step 2

Schedule a free presentation and evaluation session

Step 3

Sign up for the personal health coaching program

Step 4

Start working on your goals and transformation

What's Included

12 Personal Health Coaching Sessions
1 Coaching Session Every 2 Weeks
Sessions with the duration of 50 minutes
Via Skype, Phone or Face-to-face

Progresses and Challenges

During our sessions we will jointly discuss your goals, concerns, challenges and victories, and we will address topics related to health, physical activity, well-being and spirituality.

New Healthy Habits

At the end of each session we will set new goals and create new healthy habits through new skills, information, practical tips and tools to make you continue your journey to health and happiness.

The Focus is You!

Your health
Your happiness

Step 1

Fill in the online form of your health history!

Start working on the best version of yourself, for a healthier and happier life!